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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 17, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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they did not give us a counter from the last proposal. >> reporter: when you talk about eliminating 80 officers how do you determine who loses their jobs? >> it's determined by last person hired is the first to be let go. that's how that was determined. >> reporter: this all comes on the heels of a report by an independent watchdog group which said the city should be hiring 400 more police officers to deal with the city's astronomical crime rate putting it on par with cities of a similar size. dan simon, cnn, oakland. checking the headlines now, the new containment cap is holding so far as bp continues to test how much pressure the well can actually take. we'll go live to new orleans in just a moment. and a car bomb attack in illinois. the suspect is in custody after allegedly ramming his vehicle into an empty bank. president obama and his family are enjoying down time in maine.
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he's drawing criticism from republicans after going on vacation during the gulf oil disaster. and we have passed the 48-hour mark in bp's test on its new containment cap. the cap stopped oil from gushing from bp's ruptured oil well and apparently has not done any further damage as can be seen. even so, the oil giant now says it will continue to test the well's pressure. so what is going on exactly? cnn's david mattingly is joining us now from new orleans. david? >> reporter: fredricka, everyone waiting to exhale right now. they are seeing a great deal of encouragement as every single hour passes the pressure continues to go up little by little inside that well. bp says this is exactly the scenario they were expecting. it's looking just fine right now with no signs of any oil under the ground or seeping out from the ocean floor. they couldn't hope for better
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news right now. everything they're seeing is no negative indication whatsoever that there is any oil leaking out from this area. so instead of stopping this test after 48 hours, that abundance of caution, the mindset they have had for so long is kicking back in. bp saying along with the joint command they may continue to go on with the testing before they make any decision about the future of this well. but in the meantime, now that we have passed 48 hours with no oil leaking into the gulf of mexico, cleanup efforts on the surface have really gone into high gear. with no new oil appearing they are able to concentrate on the older patches up there and be very aggressive about going after that. the coast guard describing it as finally being able to go on offense after being on defense for so long. so the last 48 hours has been good under the water where we have seen that cap in place. that cap holding. no cloud of oil coming out. it's also been a good 48 hours
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up on the surface where they are cleaning up the oil that's already up there. >> all right. david matingly, thank you very much. we're going to bring into the conversation, cnn producer vivian quo who is here. bp is a little ahead of schedule, is it not? >> it depends on what "ahead of schedule" means. certainly this is a 24/7 operation. they have crews working overnight. all shifts covered. they are a little ahead of schedule in terms of the relief well. they suffered a setback. they had to delay work to continue with the well integrity test. now that's back on track. they have begun drilling again on the first relief well. these things do take time. >> right now bp doesn't want to celebrate. the president of the united states said in the rose garden, you know, let's wait. there are a lot of tests that need to be done. there are assessments that still need to be made. why would the white house be so careful? why would bp be careful as
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opposed to either of them saying, all right, this is a great victory -- for now? >> that's exactly right. they kept issuing the line to underpromise and overdeliver. they don't want to get everybody's hopes up and have us come crashing down. we have seen in this story particularly there's been a few setbacks, a few misstarts. yes, like everyone, i think everybody wants to see the well capped once and for all. but, again, it takes time, effort. it's very technical. there are going to be set backs here. >> what's next, in your view? >> what's next is just to hear from thad allen, the national incident commander, to see what he says. are we going to proceed, keep the well shut in? what's the integrity of the well? we may see the cap potentially sealed for all intents and purposes up until the start of the relief well. if it's bad then we're going to see oil leaking out into the gulf again. they will have to bring down the
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pressure. >> david mattingly out of new orleans. while we know there are still skimmers out in the gulf -- i will ask you because david isn't there. we understand there were a lot of skimmers that were being offer offer offered from many parts of the world. there may be others on the way. would they put a temporary hold on the efforts? >> they are still trying to ramp up skimmer efforts. like you said, it's the world's largest deployment of skimmers to one single area. that's a commanding sentence. >> huge. >> there are 140, aren't there? >> just at the well site alone 50 skimmers. hundreds across the gulf. this is the time they go on the offensive with no oil spilling into the gulf. this is when they can clean its up. >> all right. thank you very much. david mattingly in the field getting more information. we'll check back throughout the day. new questions about last
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year's release of the man behind the bombing of pan am flight 103 over lockerbie scotland. why some u.s. senators are calling for an investigation into what led to his freedom and why that could mean increased scrutiny for bp. an everyday moment can turn romantic at a moment's notice. and when it does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven, low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment's right for you and your partner. tell your doctor about your medical condition and all medications and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. don't drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed back ache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting
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the emotional stress of the oil disaster can cause anxiety, anger and depression. louisiana wants bp to help cover the cost of mental health counseling. the story now from cnn's randi kay. >> reporter: when $10 million in funding for mental health was sent to bp he expected a speedy answer -- days at most. >> that's one of the reasons why we put a deadline on the letter. the last sentence, we said, we need an answer by next week. >> reporter: the deadline has come and gone, no answer from bp. this was the state's second request for $10 million. bp responded to the first request saying it, quote, looked forward to continuing the dialogue. but the oil giant provided
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nothing. >> the money would be used to treat those experiencings emotional trauma since the spill. fisherman like louis lund, jr., who can no longer fish to support his family because of the oil. his wife said he's full of rage. >> he wants to go on a rampage, screaming, punching, hitting, whatever he can do. he can't. it's stuck in there. >> reporter: how is the anger coming out? >> it comes out -- he started drinking. he's smoking more when we're trying to quit. he takes it out on us just in general. we do something that kind of would make him upset and all the other stresses pile on top of that, so he blows up. >> reporter: rachel wants to help. she's learning how to navigate the emotional pressures at group wellness classes like this one at the saint bernard project. other gulf wives are here, too. same problem. >> i have one at home now that
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needs to vent. but won't. he'll fuss at me or him or the kids. >> reporter: among other things the group is taught breathing exercises to control stress. >> push the air out. release all the negativity from your body. >> reporter: the ceo, zack rosenberg says if bp doesn't pay the lifeline will end for many. they won't have money to treat everyone. even now, it's far from ideal. those anxious, angry or depressed already have to wait eight weeks just to get in for a first appointment. is this wellness group on example of why you need more money from bp? >> if we are able to get more dollars in the door and start a peer to peer weekend counseling we'll have weekend and evening hours and open a satellite office down the road. the need is there. >> reporter: we tried to contact bp numerous times to ask why it hasn't responded to the state's latest request.
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no one at bp responded to us either. does it surprise you that bp hasn't come forward with the $10 million to help people like your family? >> no. it's not surprising. i don't think they're doing nearly what they could do. they don't care about us. we're an inconvenience to them. >> reporter: and perhaps just another expense in bp's $3 billion tab in the gulf. randi kaye, cnn, new orleans. meantime, the british government is calling the release of the lockerbie bomber a mistake. this amid new allegations that bp oil lobbied for his release. bp and the libyan government deny that the move was connected to a bid for drilling rights. well, this is how the head of libya's national oil company explained the situation to cnn's richard quest. >> people find it hard to believe that there isn't a question. mr. megrahi gets released. six weeks --
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>> no, no. >> -- the deal is ratified. >> i'm sorry, but no. we signed the agreement in 2007. we started negotiations of the agreement maybe since 2004. the agreement was signed in 2007. megrahi was not released until 2009 sometime. it was a long time. but you see the people are saying things which are not true. >> all right. that explanation may sound hollow to relatives of the victims of the pan am bombing. the brother of one of the victims said he wants the bomber back in jail. he spoke with susan candiotti. >> sorry about that. >> reporter: for brian flynn whose brother j.p. was among the 270 killed on pan am flight 103, last year's release of the only person convicted in the bombing was too much to bear. >> actually, that was one of the moments where you felt 20 years
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of hard work had completely been worthless. it was tough. >> reporter: even tougher to bear, the growing controversy over bp's role in what led to al-megrahi's freedom. >> when your loved one is murderered with a bomb in the middle of the air, you're not going to find a lot of peace. so you pursue justice. >> reporter: for flynn and other families it's bad enough the new british government said it was a mistake to release him, he's not on his deathbed after all. flynn is riled up about the denial that a juicy oil deal for bp off libya's coast was the real reason megrahi was sprung. >> business is business. when you cross the line and actually lobby to have convicted killers released so you can get more business that is crossing a line. >> reporter: on friday, libya's oil minister told cnn's richard quest in london there was no such deal. >> not at all.
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>> reporter: bp has denied a fix was in. whether it was discussed is another question. five democratic senators want hearings to investigate. >> we now see that bp had spoken to the uk, talked about this enormous $20 billion deal that might go on with libya. >> reporter: despite denials of quid pro quo flynn wants megrahi returned to a jail cell. is it realistic to think they will actually send him back? >> the u.s. is not as weak as the united kingdom. i hope that prime minister cameron has the courage and conviction to say it was wrong, we can fix this, we can do something about it. we don't have to be victims again. >> reporter: while the debate shows no signs of slowing down, what are the chances that megrahi will be returned to prison? most agree -- slim to none. susan candiotti, cnn, new york. all right. many people are getting
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unemployment and they could actually see that their benefits might end. of course their life and bills will go on. we'll have more on the battle over the safety net that is playing out in congress.
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president barack obama is stepping up criticism of republicans for blocking jobless benefits. on three separate occasions, senate republicans have used the filibuster to block democratic efforts to extend unemployment benefits. they say they are trying to curb runaway federal spending. in his weekly radio and internet address today mr. obama said the republicans are hurting millions of americans struggling to make ends meet. >> some republican leaders actually treat this unemployment insurance as if it is a form of welfare. they say it discourages folks from looking for work. well, i have met a lot of folks looking for work and i can tell you i haven't met any american who would rather have an unemployment check than a meaningful job that lets you
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provide for your family. we all have friends or neighbors or family members who already know how hard it is to land a job when five workers are competing for an opening. >> a group that tracks unemployment say if the senate fails to act by the end of the month, 3 million more people will lose their unemployment benefits. many people are getting caught in this battle over the safety net. here now is cnn's kate baldouon. >> reporter: out of work and, he says, out of options. 59-year-old joe boyd has been an electrician in washington for more than a decade. for the past year and a half, the jobs have simply dried up. >> i have never been like this ever in my history of my life been out of work like this for this long a period of time for no reason. >> reporter: also dried up, his unemployment benefits. >> come june, you were done.
4:18 pm
>> right. >> reporter: what's the past month been like? >> right. the past month has been a struggle. i have stopped doing everything. >> reporter: boyd lost his apartment and now has to live with his daughter while here, just a few miles away, lawmakers are fighting over whether to further extend unemployment benefits for people just like boyd who have already exhausted theirs. >> what we are not willing to do is use worthwhile programs as an excuse to burden our children and grandchildren with a bigger national debt than we've already got. >> i don't understand the republican sentiment here. there used to be a bipartisan sentiment that when america faced a disaster we would pull together. >> reporter: the senate failed to extend emergency benefits before leaving for its fourth of july break. republicans opposed the extension because of the cost and concerns over the growing national debt. some economists argue there are other problems with prolonging unemployment benefits. >> the academic evidence is very clear.
4:19 pm
any time you extend and lengthen and increase unemployment benefits you lengthen, extend and increase unemployment. that may sound harsh or cold, but there are people out there who will delay getting a job until their benefits run out. >> reporter: talk to people like joe boyd and he'll tell you. staying out of work is the last thing he wants. >> when times are really bad you're going to turn your back. why? would you turn your back on your brother or sister when times are bad? >> reporter: boyd says he hasn't lost hope and is still searching for a job. the senate's expected to take up the issue again this week. now that democrat carte goodwin is filling robert byrd's seat democrats are confident they can overcome republican opposition and pass another extension of unemployment benefits. cnn, washington. >> monday harvard and medical
4:20 pm
professor donald berwick was appointed to run the medicare and medicaid services. some republicans wanted to fight the nomination, but the president announced the appointment during a senate recess avoiding confirmation hearings. here is today's republican response. >> now as a result of the recess appointment, dr. berwick will take office through the back door without any formal public vetting as prescribed by the constitution. this flies in the face of what was promised to be the most transparent administration in our nation's history. >> mr. obama accused republicans of using delay tactics for political reasons. two big budget movies hit the theaters this weekend. but instead of going to see both you may want to see one -- twice. that's what our film critic has to say. [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow
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a look at our top stories now. alarmed by the increasing violence along the u.s./mexico governor california governor arnold schwarzenegger is ordering the deployment of national guard troops.
4:24 pm
president obama requested the help to beef up border security last month. the president proposed sending some 1,200 troops to america's southwest border. some 224 of them are expected to be in california. the deployment may last a year. police have arrested a man in connection with a car bomb attack at a pnc bank in the town of lockport, illinois. nobody was hurt in friday night's blast, but police say explosive materials like those found in fireworks were used. the 48-year-old suspect was identified by witnesses who say they saw him walk away from the scene. no word on the motive for this attack. president obama and the first family are vacationing in bar harbor, maine, on mount desert island. this is the obama's third vacation since the oil disaster began in april which is fuelling criticism from his gop rivals. many say the president should be focused on the gulf and not relaxing. modern day sorcerers and
4:25 pm
thieves who infiltrate dreams hit the big screen this weekend. tony is the film critic for the new york times. he joins us from chicago. good to see you, tony. >> very nice to be here. >> all right. we have interesting movies on tap here. let's begin with "the sorcerer's apprentice." let's take a look. >> you have heard how people use only 10% of their brains? sorcerers manipulate matter because they use the entire power of their brains. >> all right. so is it science or magic? >> yes, and yes. for now, all you need is a basic combat spell. making fire. what causes molecules to heat up? >> they vibrate. >> everything we see is in a constant state of vibration. how do we take that which appears solid and have it burst into flames? we will the vibrations to go faster. step one, clear your mind. step two, see the molecules.
4:26 pm
step three, make them shake. got it? >> no. i definitely don't got it. >> okay. are we supposed to think this is humorous, witty, clever, bra brainiac? what do you think? >> well, the illusion of solidity is a serious matter. this movie is sort of a typical kind of kid action-fantasy franchise movie. a lot of stuff blows up. there are car chases, magic, an innocent kid sucked into a war between good and evil which in this case is rival magicians played by nicolas cage and alfred molina. it's nothing you haven't seen before. it's fun to watch nicolas cage do these over-the-top weirdo mentor performances like he did in the "national treasure" movies which were also directed
4:27 pm
by jon turteltaub, but i found it noisy and un-i imaginative. >> do you have a letter grade for it? >> c minus. it would be lower but nicholas and alfred molina are fun to watch. it's not as good as the weakest of the harry potter movies. >> oh, wow. let's go to "inception." lots of attention when you have leonardo dicaprio in any film these days. let's take a peek of what to expect. >> dreams, they feel real while we're in them. it's only when we wake up we realize something was strange. let me ask you a question. you never really remember the beginning of a dream, do you? you always wind up right in the middle of what's going on. >> i guess, yeah. >> how did we end up here? >> well, we just came from the -- uh -- >> think about it. how did you get here? where are you right now?
4:28 pm
>> we're dreaming? >> you're actually in the middle of the workshop right now sleeping. this is your first lesson in shared dreaming. [ explosions ] >> all right. so ellen page there, too. folks like to see her in her kind of like -- i don't know. she's like in the suspended kind of state all the time. very intriguing. i don't know. leonardo dicaprio is on a role, too. "shutter island" kind of a dreamy state. did you like it? >> he's specializing in playing characters who have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality. what he's explaining to ellen page in this is that some of the very complicated rules of this world that's been created by the director, christopher nolan, in which throughout the movie you are taken throughout different
4:29 pm
levels of dream and reality. the idea is that leonardo dicaprio leads a team of corporate spies who burrow into the dreams of other people to find out information or in this case to implant an idea that will benefit their clients. it's all extremely complex. i think very well done just as an action movie and as a brain-teaser. >> am i going to get confused in this flick? >> i think people will be confused. i think a lot of people will really enjoy it and will want to go back and see it again. right up until the end it's intriguing. it kind of leads you down the different pathways where you think you know what's going on, but it may not be what it seems to be. at the very end, i think people are going to be startled by what happens and are going to want to go back and try to start from the beginning and follow the thread all the way through. >> fascinating. >> it is well done. it explains itself as it goes
4:30 pm
along. there are scenes with leonardo dicaprio and page sitting down where they take you through the premise of the movie in a care ful -- almost like teachers. >> you liked this movie. what's the grade? >> i did. but it's just -- i'm giving it a b. i think it's a good, entertaining movie. i was a little disappointed. i expected more. i expected it to be deeper and richer, more emotional. i think a lot of people -- a lot of critics are praising this as a great masterpiece. i don't think it's quite that but it is an entertaining and intriguing movie. i'd give it a b. >> but you say to see it twice? >> i think a lot of people will because they will want to figure out what's going on. that's maybe a shrewd commercial move on the part of the director. >> sometimes the second helping is very good. sometimes the second helping is the more satisfying one. all right.
4:31 pm
>> it could be. >> a.o. scott with the new york times. >> it's been a pleasure. >> joining us from chicago. appreciate it. a couple of good movies to check out. i think you sold me on "inception." some journalists are complaining of being harassed while covering the disaster in the gulf. now one woman says the coast guard is giving her a hard time. i will talk to her. a fantastic opportunity to get a great offer on an all new cadillac srx luxury collection crossover... ..with a bose premium sound system. and an ultra-view sunroof designed to let more summer time in. summer brings out the best in all of us, so now's the perfect time to get behind the wheel of a new cadillac. hurry in for great lease or purchase offers on an all new srx during cadillac's summer's best sales event going on now at your cadillac dealer.
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at meineke i have options, and 50% off brake pads and shoes. my money. my choice. my meineke. you don't have to look at the calendar. it is hot. it's july, but that's the way it's supposed to be. very, very hot. but triple digit stuff? bonnie, ouch. >> it's all in the way we interpret the temperature. not just the way the temperature is on the thermometer. when you look at the hot thermometers across the country. so let's take new york city for example. we have a live picture of new york. we can show you that the current temperature in new york city is
4:35 pm
92 degrees. they are under a heat advisory through monday. we'll be looking for hot temperatures there. we have heat advisories through the center of the country and in las vegas, i believe we have a picture to show you. >> which is always like an oven. >> right. this is important to note. the temperature outside in las vegas right now is about 105 degrees. >> the actual temperature? >> right. but sometimes because the humidity is so low it can feel like 102 -- i'm sorry, 90, but it feels like 102 today. lots of numbers. >> that is true. i've got it. >> the main thing to note is it's hot, hot, hot. that's what we are looking at now. here are more of the numbers. excessive heat warnings popping up over the valleys of california and as we mentioned las vegas into phoenix. the heat advisory, that's a big thermometer.
4:36 pm
the heat advisory for new york city goes straight through monday. it will be a scorcher this weekend. >> how's your family in new york? >> i'm sure they are watching cnn in the air conditioning. >> that's right. staying cool. >> what we are looking at now is a little bit of stormy weather popping up through the gulf coast. storms to the north and the hot temperatures extend pretty much across the country. even boston climbs to a high of 92. we are tracking some severe weather. it is in minnesota. you will see a tornado watch across much of the state. this includes the city of st. cloud. there was a tornado warning to the south of st. cloud. that expires but the watch goes through 9:00. it does encompass a portion of minneapolis. we are watching the threat for severe weather here as well as in the plains states. lots going on today. >> tornado watch there. tornado touching down in puerto rico. >> that's right. we had reports of a tornado touching down in puerto rico. look how stormy it is. >> it is hurricane season. i guess a hurricane is what you expect in the tropics now.
4:37 pm
i don't know why a tornado surprises me. >> well, no. it shouldn't. >> okay. >> when you get the strong, severe thunderstorms, you can get tornadic cells popping up. look at the fire happening. ripe for development as well. the storms have subsided but a damaging situation there in mayagus on the west coast of puerto rico. >> very good. the whole big picture. well, most of us don't think twice about dipping a chip into salsa or guacamole, but it may be more dangerous than you think. focus is good looking and very smart. that sync technology is like a giant brain. and now ford focus is highest ranked in initial quality. very attractive. as for joel, he's not losing a daughter,
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a look at our top stories now. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is headed to afghanistan today for an international conference on the problems and the future of the war-torn nation. it is set to begin on tuesday. representatives from more than 70 countries and groups are expected to attend. and a bus carrying 27 children flipped over this morning on i-35 in kansas. eight children were taken to a
4:41 pm
hospital by ambulance. one was transported by air ambulance. we're waiting to hear the extent of their injuries. the bus was returning from a church camp. no other vehicles were involved, but the accident did shut down that busy interstate for quite a bit. and potential e. coli contamination is the reason for the latest recall of prepackaged salads containing romaine lettuce including fresh express with use by indicates of july 8-12 with an s in the product code. products such as hearts of comaine and premium romaine sala salads. if you have them, throw them away. questions can be directed to 800-242-5472. okay. those refreshing bowls of salsa and guacamole may look inviting at the restaurant, but you may
4:42 pm
want to think twice. they may contain something you certainly do not want -- a food-born illness. according to the centers for disease control and prevention, one in every 25 restaurant-associated foodborne outbreaks can be traced to contaminated salsa or guacamole. dr. sampson davis joins us now from new york. this is such a bummer. who doesn't love guacamole and salsa? now i have to be careful about when i order that or when i dip into it. why? >> when you're looking at salsa and guacamole, these are fresh substances that's being made and storage is really important. during the summer months, the salsa and guacamole have to be kept cool. if not, bacteria loves the heat. so bacteria would pretty much jump onto the salsa and guacamole and increase the chance of infection. that's one issue. the other is the handling of the food. you have to wash your hands or
4:43 pm
the person preparing the salsa or guacamole should wash their hands to follow clean hygiene. lastly, the salsa and guacamole are made in large batches. so a small amount of bacteria can go a long ways in contamination. and then double dipping. you know, that can cause problems in the sense of spreading bacteria. >> no double dipping allowed if anybody watched the "seinfeld" episodes. tell me the symptoms. you eat something, you have an upset stomach, but other symptoms come with food poisoning or foodborne illness, right? >> absolutely. i work in the emergency department. i see foodborne illnesses frequently. at least one out of four people a year being affected by viral or bacterial infection. most common symptoms are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, fatigue, headaches. the ones that's a little more severe that should really prompt
4:44 pm
you to go to the emergency department is bloody diarrhea, severe abdominal pain and fevers greater than 101.5. >> so you feel these things and you don't feel you need to go to the hospital. what do you do to treat it or say you go to the hospital or a doctor, what do they do to treat you? >> the main thing is dehydration. if you're not vomiting, start off by taking in some ice chips. maybe watered down gatorade. replenish your electrolytes, sodium, potassium, maiu yes sta. for the pediatric population, pedialyte is good at repleni replenishing hydration. if you're vomiting you may have to come to the hospital for iv hydration. we'll give you some saline and hydrate you up. >> oh, okay. very good.
4:45 pm
well, that's put a drag on the appetizer of the salsa and guacamole. so you move on now to the entree. a lot of folks have heard of the five-second rule. you drop something on the floor. god made dirt, dirt don't hurt so you can eat it. is there truth to the five-second rule people have been talking about? if it drops on the floor and hasn't been there more than five seconds, you can still eat it. >> right. >> i can't believe i'm asking you this. >> well, i'm a product of the five-second rule. i'm pretty sure i was brought up the same way as many individuals in which if it's on the ground for less than five seconds you can kiss it up to god and it's okay. the truth is bacteria is everywhere. you really can't see it with the naked eye. any time food particles or a pacifier falls on the ground,
4:46 pm
bacteria contaminates that fast. toss it away. don't pick it up and kiss it up to god or whatever. don't feed it to yourself or your children. >> we are talking about bacteria that could be the size of a pinhead. you drop something and that's what we are talking about. it can really cause illness if it's a nasty bacteria. tiny, tiny dosages, right? >> absolutely. it doesn't take much in order to affect a person. there are some other issues that put people at risk. obviously our more mature population, immune system maybe isn't as strong. so they are more at risk. co-morbid disease. if you have kidney disease or certain types of cancers, it might increase your risk for a small amount of bacteria taking advantage of your body. but ultimately, is this really good hygiene? wash your hands. with food preparation, make sure you keep it cool during the summer months. if it's been outside sitting in the sun or in a warm climate for a long period of time, throw it
4:47 pm
away. >> all right. dr. sampson davis from new york. thanks for spoiling our appetite today. >> thanks for having me. hopefully people will recover. i don't want you to stop eating just because of this. >> you know we'll keep eating. no problem. thanks so much. good to see you. >> take care. >> all right. coming up, i will be talking to a photo journalist who said she's been harassed and integ interrogated by the u.s. coast guard and bp.
4:48 pm
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all right. now a gulf story that sounds like it could be coming out of iran or russia. certainly not the u.s., the gulf of mexico, right? but photojournalist julie dermanski has been covering the gulf oil disaster and said she's been interrogated and harassed by both bp and the u.s. coast guard. she's joining us live from new orleans with her story and amazing pictures. why do you believe you are being interrogated or why are you saying you are being interrogated? what's happened? >> often i'm stopped and asked for i.d. and if i'm told i don't have a bp i.d. i am told to go away. i point out that the joint information said journalists aren't supposed to be barred access. sometimes that's enough. there's just been an overall kind of intimidation to get you
4:50 pm
to stop doing your job and go elsewhere. i can't answer for the authorities doing it why they are doing it. but we all know about the oil disaster. so it seems ridiculous to stop people from covering the story. >> so, we'll look at the images you snapped off here in this reel. these are some of the images of marine life, of people, et cetera. might this have anything to do with where you have been? what have been the locations? are they off limits areas where you were snapping off pictures? >> well, what's off limits seems to change every day. i would say, no, i didn't cross any police lines or go anywhere where it specifically said "do not go." just, you know, walking into a parking lot is enough sometimes to cause trouble anywhere on a beach with a jetty. really anywhere there's oil it
4:51 pm
seems like bp and their representatives don't want you there. the flip side is i have gotten out with the coast guard and with bp reps. they give you access to what they want tow you're to have. they have been good about that. but i think it's really important in the media that we coffer thi cover thing it is way we want. >> i'm married to a photographer and often times the photographer may travel without the labeling. you're freelance so you don't have the credentials or advertisement of who you are working for or with. might it be that bp or perhaps the u.s. coast guard, the foexs you say have been approaching you, could they be curious who you are, what your intentions are with the images, so they ask? >> no, no. that's not it at all. i do have credentials. i'm affiliated with polaris images and with corbis. i'm doing jobs for different
4:52 pm
newspapers like the washington post and the times of london. that's not it at all. doesn't matter if i'm alone or with people. they want to stop anyone from going there. they have stopped answer bc on water. it's just trying to keep the story quiet. i think now it's great that they pulled back the restrictions where media had to be 65 feet back from the boom. now that they have pulled them back, now that we are going into cleanup mode it's real important that we make sure things are cleaned up properly. >> we're also looking at video you shot as well. you have done still images and video as well which is what we are seeing of the murky waters. the boats that have come across what appears to be an oil-laden area. you do believe there has been this intention of keeping the story from getting out, barring you from being able to take these pictures. how has it changed if at all in
4:53 pm
the course of the last few days or weeks? i have spoken with billy none guesser and been able to get out with the task force. he wants the story told, so he made it possible for me and different people in the media to go with his crew. goit training so no one can tell me that yop how to deal with hazardous substances because i do. i know how to decontaminate myself. things haven't really changed. i know that some people from cornell were trying to get torah coop island. they were turned away though they have proper credentials. there are people out there, mostly bp representatives trying to stop the story from getting covered. >> julie, thank you very much for the photographs, still
4:54 pm
images, video. thanks for your time and sharing your story of how difficult it has been to try to get the story covered. all right. be your own boss. own your own small business for a mere $100. a scenic mountain location comes with your very own post office. i work for a different insurance company. my auto policy's just getting a little too expensive. with progressive, you get the "name your price" option, so we build a policy to fit your budget. wow! the price gun. ♪ ah! wish we had this. we'd just tell people what to pay. yeah, we're the only ones that do. i love your insurance! bill? tom? hey! it's an office party! the freedom to name your price. only from progressive. call or click today.
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there are roomy spaces. you're not right on top of each other. >> reporter: rob is raffling off his dream property. the golden coach rv park in california, a remote but popular
4:56 pm
area. >> my dream is crushed more by the economy and fuel. fuel is really the thing that hurt us the most. >> reporter: the park isn't making enough money to pay his mortgage. so for $100 a ticket, he's raffling it all off. all nine acres, valued at more than $1 million. those nine acres include 51 rv spots, a house, a post office, not one but two stagecoaches, two fire pits and some spectacular views. >> it's really tough. it is. i have huge expectations of what this park could be. >> reporter: with the money from the raffle, he can get out of debt and the winner gets everything -- except the mortgage. >> i love it. this is my favorite place. >> reporter: walt has come here for years. he knows about the raffle, but he's working against mowrey. >> did you buy one of the tickets? >> no. if he doesn't sell enough he won't raffle it off. >> reporter: like every good
4:57 pm
sales pitch there is a catch. if he doesn't sell 10,000 tickets he can't pay off the loans, there is no raffle and the money is refunded. he's trying to talk to anyone who will listen. >> oh, my god, yes. i mean, oh, my god, yes. everybody that will stop and listen to me. >> reporter: the raffle is on labour day. so far he's sold less than 100 tickets. he's hoping the internet will help him reach his goal of selling off his dreams. >> most people say it is an unbelievable idea and they don't believe it. they don't believe it will be a mortgage-free deal. >> thanks for joining us. i'm fredricka whitfield. much more of the newsroom ahead with don lemon.
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